Product Development
PurePak Technology Corporation
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As a result of the success of our 2.5 liter PPQ nitric acid bottle and our 2.6 liter PPQ bottle PurePak is in the process of commercializing 500 ml and 1 liter containers with interchangeable 38mm and 45mm neck finishes in both PPQ and our standard Equistar HDPE resin.  The addition of these new products will enable laboratory chemical packagers to replace glass bottles with plastic containers throughout their product lines.  These new bottles provide significant benefits in lower extractables when compared to packaging in glass bottles, as well as benefits in safety, handling, smaller packaging configuration and reduced weight of the combination package.

In the area of multilayer barrier bottles, PurePak has been doing development work since 2006.  Development of our barrier bottle configurations range from 2 layers to 7 layers depending on the targeted application.  Multilayer barrier bottle development efforts are focused on replacing the need for bottle fluorination, eliminating oxygen migration and eliminating the tendency of HDPE bottles to panel or balloon when packaged with certain solvents and minimize solvent weight loss permeation to meet or exceed DOT’s 2% maximum limit. While these applications have impact on the high purity Electronic Chemical and Laboratory Chemical businesses, there is an increasing interest in replacing glass and metal containers in general industrial applications for a variety of reasons including safety, ability to recycle and reduction of long term total costs of the chemical package.

Finally with the commercialization of our 2.5 liter PPQ nitric bottle we are continuing work on various containers for nitric containing solutions.

PurePak has developed a number of packaging innovations over the years and we are committed to the development of multilayer HDPE barrier bottles.  We currently have the manufacturing infrastructure in place to produce these containers and we have several barrier schemes under evaluation.  If you are looking to replace glass or metal containers or are challenged by the well known issues with packaging certain chemicals in plastic, PurePak should be your choice as a development partner.