Company Profile
PurePak Technology Corporation
Gilbert, AZ 480-926-0022

PurePak was formed in 1988 after the successful development of the first high-density polyethylene (HDPE) chemical container that would enable Electronic Chemical suppliers to maintain the purity of process chemicals that they supplied to semiconductor manufacturers. The technology developed by PurePak for certified clean containers revolutionized packaging production methods for the electronic chemical, laboratory chemical and specialty chemical markets and is now the standard industry for high purity bottles.

PurePak has continually introduced a series of certified clean containers, ranging in size from 500ml to 4 liters, that have been developed through extensive testing of resins, continuous improvements to blow molding processes, enhancements to closures, focus on safety in chemical handling and ergonomically sound handle improvements.

The extent of PurePak’s development efforts have led them to become well recognized as an innovative supplier of contamination control solutions by providing the highest purity and safest chemical handling container for high purity chemical packaging.

Today, PurePak continues a strong development effort focused on novel next generation packaging challenges. New prototype containers such as barrier layer bottles for packaging aromatic hydrocarbons (Xylene Permeation and Compatibility Test Data), PPQ resin single layer bottle for low particulate and ionic extractables, as well as 500 ml, 1 liter, 2.5 liter, and 2.6 liter bottles developed for nitric acid and solutions containing nitric acid are available for sampling. Other on going development projects are focused on single layer and multilayer containers targeted as replacement for glass and metal cans and as an alternative to fluorination.